According to the IEC audited report the UDM lost no national or provincial public representatives during the latest floor-crossing window period.

In the UDM NEC meeting held today a word of appreciation was expressed to all our public representatives for their loyalty. It is a sign that our public representatives have read the mood of the public which is totally against floor-crossing.

The UDM is represented by 90 local government councillors nationally, and according to the IEC report we have lost 7 councillors. However our investigation have found Matanzima Mokoena - a Deneysville councillor - has not crossed to the ID as reflected in the IEC report. Accordingly the UDM will approach the IEC to investigate the matter and check that no fraud has been committed. And in KwaZulu Natal our councillor A Chetty has crossed to the ID but the public must take note that Chetty was expelled before the floor-crossing period commenced for defrauding the community in his area and his matter has been reported to the police. He however challenged our expulsion in court and the judge accepted their argument to postpone the case to October, obviously if we win that case, that seat will revert back to the UDM because he was expelled before the window period. Thus it seems that we have only lost 5 councillors nationwide.

We thank all our councillors for remaining loyal and not joining the crosstitute gravy train.

With each passing window the floor-crossing practice is being exposed for the despicable political thuggery that it is, which the UDM had warned against from the outset. It is time for the ANC to prove its commitment to democracy by scrapping this undemocratic law from the statute books.

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