Memo to Reverend Ximbi re Proposed changes to Cape Unicity Council system of governance from UDM President (12 October 2006)

Our discussion earlier this morning regarding the invitation from the Western Cape MEC for Local Government to attend a meeting to discuss his decision to change the Cape Town system of governance has reference.

The ANC's non-acceptance of the coalition government formed after the election in the Cape Town Metro is well-documented. Their behaviour and attitude is strikingly similar to that of the ANC and Eastern Cape government structures when the UDM had been governing in the KSD municipality. The bottom line is that irrespective of the voters' will the ANC simply cannot accept any party other than themselves governing.

In the case of the KSD municipality the boycotting of council meeting, refusal to endorse budgets, resolutions of no confidence and a variety of destabilising tactics were used, which we have now witnessed in Cape Town as well. The UDM government of KSD was also once threatened by the Eastern Cape Local Government MEC with disbandment "in terms of the relevant legislation". However they eventually succeeded in their destabilisation campaign and the floor-crossing legislation was exploited to achieve their objective of governing KSD.

We have read the reasons that the Western Cape MEC for Local Government is advancing for wanting to change the Cape Town system of governance, such as "2010" and "inclusiveness". The opposition parties in this country have rallied behind the hosting of the 2010 Soccer World Cup and we have faith in the Local Organising Committee for 2010, which represents the sport fraternity and Government. I have never heard any opposition party questioning the ability or representativeness of the LOC to prepare for 2010. Indeed no such comment has been made by any party in the Cape Town Metro, and the Metro, like every other host city, will be signing separate agreements with FIFA. It is false to imply that the Cape Metro would not be able or willing to fulfil these commitments simply because the ANC is not governing here. Any Metro, when they enter into these FIFA agreements, will bring the matter to the full council for deliberation and voting. In other words, irrespective of which parties govern and which are in opposition, the entire Metro will have a say, and I cannot see how the ANC can imply that in Cape Town they or their voters would be excluded from the process.

One assumes if the ANC has an "inclusive plan" regarding 2010 or other areas of concern that it would be tabled in the Council instead of these unsubstantiated claims emanating from outside the Council and indeed from an entirely different sphere of Government.

One has to understand that this process is merely the culmination of a long line of events. Recent media reports indicate that from the very outset of this Metro government being formed the ANC has been plotting its downfall. It is also clear that the actions of the MEC have been caucused not only at ANC provincial level, but also at the national level in the ANC.

I therefore advice that you do not attend this meeting which the MEC has called, and rather to brief the UDM NEC at its meeting in November, so that the party's highest body can formulate and adopt a strategy to deal with this unfolding saga, and to provide you with a proper mandate. In the mean time if the matter is tabled at the Council Chamber - which would be the correct forum I believe - you would be free to caucus with members and the party leadership on how to proceed.

Kind regards
Bantu Holomisa, MP
UDM President