Spending the tax-payer's money for luxury is tantamount to fraud and corruption - media statement by UDM National Spokesperson (22 September 2006)
The UDM condemns the act of the Gauteng MEC for Finance, Mr. Paul Mashatile for spending R96 000 on a single dinner in the strongest terms it deserves. It is really disgusting and a shame to see how the MEC opted to go on a spending spree, abusing public funds in the manner he did. How on earth can the MEC justify this extravagance with the public purse, whilst many people are starving and struggling in a pool of poverty due to the high rate of unemployment. Apparently the MEC is not even ashamed of his act, because he is continuing with his lavish dinners that benefit only himself and the elite few who are invited to attend.

The MEC could have applied his mind better by redirecting the money to more productive and worthy projects, where the communities would benefit, and not boost his luxury life style.

Therefore, the UDM calls upon the Premier of Gauteng to urgently address the matter, and if he fails to do so, the Minister of Finance, Trevor Manuel should intervene. The whole issue should be investigated, looking at the MEC's spending since he came into office, and should it be found that he acted irresponsibly he must be held accountable and the money recovered.
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