Zuma court decision - (20 September 2006)
Zuma supporters seem not to recognise his continuing run of misfortune. Because in the beginning Ngcuka made his infamous "prima facie" comments, which seemed to clear Zuma of future prosecution but simultaneously cast a cloud over him without providing him with an opportunity to prove his innocence. Zuma pleaded for his day in court, but investigations dragged on. Later he was finally charged, but not before being fired as Deputy President of the country. And now that his day in court was about to dawn the case has been struck from the roll again. It looks like Zuma is back to square one, with the cloud still hanging over his head.

The judge has not done Zuma any favours. His political opponents will continue to say that he has many unanswered allegations against his name and that he continues to escape prosecution on technicalities.

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