Time to reveal 2010 tender details to avoid corruption - media statement by UDM National Spokesperson (23 August 2006)

The UDM is concerned about the lack of details regarding the 2010 World Cup preparations, especially as far as the tender procedures are concerned.

In the past the manner in which large government tenders were awarded raised eyebrows and suspicions among disadvantaged and poor South Africans.; Many South Africans, especially those who are not aligned to the ruling Party, have seen contracts flowing only in one direction; to a small new elite.

The result is that BEE has little credibility among many people because a small group of people have become billionaires, multi-millionaires, CEO's, Shareholders, Directors, Owners and Managers, whilst the majority of ordinary people remain poor and unemployed.

Are the comrades and big fishes of the ANC going to get the biggest slices of the 2010 tender cake?; Where are the specific details of how the glorious 2010 project is going to close the gap between the have's and have not's?

We call upon all affected Departments to play open cards.; They should make public their plans i.e. financial projections, job creation strategy, figures of the total jobs to be created, as well which projects would be created and procedures for tenders to be awarded.; The entire process must be open to public scrutiny now, before it even commences, and remain transparent throughout; otherwise we will inevitably see the same old self-enrichment and unfulfilled promises afterwards when it is too late to do anything about it.


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