Floorcrossers who owe the UDM money must pay back or face court action - media statement by UDM National Spokesperson (22 August 2006)

The UDM can no longer leave those former public representatives who defected to other political parties, and even formed their own political parties to go scot-free whilst owing the party.; It will be recalled that our public representatives had signed contracts acknowledging that they would owe the party the money invested in getting them elected should they defect. We have tried to advise them, gave them options and ample time to apply their minds, but they have opted to be defiant against the party.

Already the party through its legal team has won its case against Mr. Martin Stephens, as the court ordered that he must be attached.; But when the Sheriff of the Court went to his residential address in Gauteng (Krugersdorp), he found a "House to let" notice board and the gates were locked.; It seems that Mr. Stephens is trying to run away from the law, but if that is the case he got it all wrong, as he cannot run forever.

We would advise Mr. Stephens that he must do the ethical thing, that is to hand himself over to the Sheriff of the Court. If he fails to do so, the Sheriff of the Court will follow him to Cape Town and Parliament.; Surely he would not like to expose himself and his colleagues to this sort of embarrassment?

Our process does not end with Mr. Stephens.; We have instructed our legal team to immediately serve all others who owe the party, including; Mr. Mabandla Gogo, Mrs. Nomakhaya Mdaka, Mrs. Princess Mncedani, Mr. Zolile Siswana, Mr. Tyrone Liberty and Mr. Ike Kekana.; The list also further includes former UDM Councillors who defected earlier. In the case of the late Mr Diko we are awaiting expert advice from our legal team so that we come up with a balanced and informed decision.;

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