Cosatu members deserve answers - media statement by UDM National Spokesperson (22 August 2006)
The UDM members who are COSATU members, appeal that the COSATU Secretary General, Mr. Zwelinzima Vavi should do the honourable and moral thing, and that is to explain whether he abused or misused the COSATU credit card for his personal benefit or not?; It is incumbent upon him to clear himself and the name of COSATU.; As COSATU subscribing members we are not interested in their political chauvinism and battles for positions and power, we only demand what is due to us.; Therefore, the COSATU central leadership should treat us with respect, honesty, loyalty and be open.;

The matter is now for public consumption and it is upon himself as the Chief Administrator of COSATU and person implicated to either clear his name or else confirm the allegations.

Firstly, it was the cheque that COSATU signed to the ANC without our prior approval or in boosting its election campaign and up to date no one came forward to explain this fraudulent exercise.; Now it is the credit card scandal, what more do we have to expect?;; We appeal for an immediate forensic audit into the COSATU books.; We smell a rat.

Lastly, we challenge the COSATU leadership to immediately review COSATU's position in its involvement within politics, especially being an ANC election tool.; COSATU must stop abusing membership subscriptions, and begin to be the real workers representative body.; It must leave politics to political parties and deal with workers issues that it claims to represent.
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