Message of condolence with the passing of Prince Gideon Zulu - statement by UDM President (17 May 2006)
On behalf of the UDM, and indeed of my family, I would like to extend my condolences to you with the passing of Prince Gideon Zulu.

Gideon Zulu will be remembered as a person who respected his culture, a person who would not be shy to wear his traditional garb and lead his subjects in traditional dances. An outsider who did not know him would have thought that he is a fierce warrior when he was dressed in his traditional regalia. But behind that was a person of humility and warmth, who would even go to the extent of kneeling down when he greeted people. Indeed he was a person of generosity and as a host would want to see that every guest in his house had something to eat and drink. I am talking about a person who was down to earth and who respected even his political opponents.

However I must confess that he had deceived me with his confidence and good humour when last we spoke when he was in hospital and I did not therefore expect this sudden turn for the worse.

To his family and in particular to his children I would like to say that you should feel proud to have had a father like him who has not neglected his duties in bringing them up whilst he was also busy serving the wider community.

We bid him farewell. May his soul rest in peace.

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