UDM NEC resolution on our involvement in Cape Town government - media statement by UDM National Spokesperson (15 May 2006)
The UDM National Executive Committee met on 13 May 2006 in Pretoria. Among other issues the NEC discussed our involvement in the Cape Town Unicity Municipality.

The NEC endorsed the decision of the UDM Provincial leadership of the Western Cape to work with the DA. This is of course in line with the principle that in cases where no party had an outright majority and a coalition would be necessary to ensure that governance and service delivery could proceed that we would support the party with the majority. We applied this principle twice before with both the ANC and IFP in KwaZulu-Natal.

From the outset we made our position clear to out coalition partners as to how we envisaged this cooperation. We were under the impression that all the parties involved in the governance of the Cape Town Unicity Municipality would fully and actively participate in all the processes and decisions affecting the City. But currently the impression is that only one Party is dominating and running the show. The UDM is not comfortable with this situation. Whilst we reaffirm our position to cooperate with the party that received the majority of votes in Cape Town, we are not satisfied with the manner in which the Mayor is handling matters. At times the Mayor acts as the referee and player at the same time. We do not appreciate unilateral decisions and the Mayor's appearances on the media as if she is the only person in control, which overlooks the role of the other parties in the coalition government. All coalition partners must contribute to decision-making and share in the public communications process, otherwise it would undermine our independence and credibility.

The NEC thus resolved to appoint a committee at national level to liaise with the UDM Provincial leadership in the Western Cape. This committee will assess, observe, and give political direction where applicable to ensure that the UDM voters' interest are served.

If the situation does not improve the UDM would have to reconsider its participation in the Multi-Party governance of the Cape Town Unicity.
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