UDM National Executive Committee decision on KwaZulu-Natal - statement by UDM President (20 April 2004)

On Sunday the UDM President was approached by the President of the ANC, with a view to resolve the stalemate in KwaZulu-Natal regarding a new provincial government.

President T. Mbeki’s request was tabled today in the UDM National Executive Committee (NEC). In 2001 the UDM National Congress decided not to enter into coalitions or alliances, however, it mandated the UDM NEC to review this position should the need arise.

At the height of the floor-crossing saga the UDM decided in principle to support the party that had the majority mandate in KZN in the last election, namely the IFP. As a result of that approach the UDM helped to defeat an attempt by the ANC to take over the provincial government whilst it did not have a majority of electoral support.

Today the UDM NEC applied the same principle, recognizing that as things stand currently the majority mandate in KZN was given to the ANC. The UDM NEC therefore agreed to assist the ANC in KZN as per their request. The UDM National leadership has thus been given the go-ahead to enter into negotiations with the ANC with a view to forming the KZN provincial government.

Notwithstanding the above, it is the view of the UDM NEC that the ANC and IFP should still govern together in KZN.