Rev. Kingsley Masemola’s belly dancing routine for the ANC: a sign of desperation - statement by UDM Provincial Secretary: Mpumalanga (10 February 2004)

The refusal to vacate the United Democratic Movement’s (UDM) seat in the Limpopo Legislature with immediate effect by Reverend Kingsley Masemola has vindicated the UDM when it said that his movement to the African National Congress (ANC) was not a political tactic, but a financial transaction.

Masemola’s recent public belly dancing routine for the ANC came as no surprise to the UDM as his attempt to retain his seat as leader of the official opposition whilst serving under the ANC is indicative of a person who lacks morals and is financially desperate.

The UDM is hopeful that the Legislature will effectively exercise its duties according to the South African Constitution, as failure to do so will compel the UDM to take legal action regarding this matter.