Letter to the Public Protector re 

The Public Protector
Mr Selby Baqwa

Dear Sir

The United Democratic Movement (UDM) requests your office to investigate possible maladministration or abuse of power by the DA in the deployment of the Party's strategist and spin doctor, Mr Ryan Coetzee. Mr Coetzee was employed in various government positions since January 2001.

The UDM believes that a strong case can be made that the appointment of Mr Coetzee showed complete disregard for the separation of power between party and state.

Mr Coetzee simultaneously held three positions between January and March 2001 in Cape Town, the Unicity, Western Cape Provincial Government and a position in the DA. The potential for conflict of interest is clear to see.

Though it is presumed that Mr Coetzee's contracts were terminated the Premier of the Western Cape's Spokesperson admitted that Mr Coetzee is still involved with the implementation of the Provincial government's R12 million image boosting plan. He said, "Operation Open Door had begun before Coetzee 's contract with the Province had been terminated and he was continuing to work on it".

The UDM therefore requests your office to investigate and make recommendations regarding:

1. The terms of Coetzee's simultaneous appointments in the three positions and the implications thereof.
2. The principle of an individual earning an income from the state and a political party simultaneously.
3. Coetzee's alleged monitoring of a government institution with a view of reporting directly to DA Leader Tony Leon; and whether they instructed him to do so.
4. Whether Mr Coetzee is still involved in projects of the Western Cape government and Cape Town Unicity, despite recent pretence of termination of his contracts; (Cape Times, 15 August 2001). It should be investigated what this involvement entails and whether Coetzee receives any remuneration for it.
5. Whether, if it is proven to be maladministration or abuse of power any steps should be taken against those involved.
6. Make recommendations to avert a repetition of such appointments in future by any political party.

Various relevant Newspaper articles
Media Release by UDM

Your office's attention to this matter will be highly appreciated.

Kind regards

UDM Member of Parliament
United Democratic Movement
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