The UDM challenges the DA and Mr Ryan Coetzee to answer the following questions:


1. Do they deny that Mr Coetzee receives, or has received, any remuneration, or any benefits deriving from his position, in the DA Leader's Office?

2. Why was his employment/consultancy contracts with the Western Cape Province and Cape Town Unicity terminated?

3. Did Mr Coetzee reportedly describe communication officials in these governments as "idiotic", and if so why do they continue to be employed, whilst Mr Coetzee has been shown the door?

4. Was Mr Coetzee's employment/consultancy:
a. Advertised by the respective governments as required?
b. Tendered for by Mr Coetzee?
c. On what grounds was his tender/application successful?
d. What was the value of the contracts that Mr Coetzee received?
e. After what period were the contracts terminated?
f. What was the final amount of income that Mr Coetzee received from
taxpayers for these terminated contracts?
g. Is the final income that Mr Coetzee received proportionate to the period
of the contract fulfilled? 
h. Is Mr Coetzee still involved in the R 12 million Open Door Campaign deriving from his terminated contract, and if so
does he receive remuneration therefore?

5. Is it mere coincidence that Mr Coetzee reportedly claimed to Mr Tony Leon half a year before the awarding of his employment/consultancy in these governments that Mr Coetzee would have to do the communication work in the province and Unicity because these governments were "idiotic"?

Finally, and perhaps most importantly:

6. Do they deny that Mr Coetzee secretly passed on information to his party leader, which Mr Coetzee gathered whilst being remunerated by taxpayers as an employee/consultant of the Cape Town Unicity and Western Cape Province?

We do not expect Mr Coetzee or the DA to respond to any of these, and many other, serious questions despite winging and whining on the part of Mr James Selfe. It is for that reason that the UDM has referred the matter to the Public Protector, who is Constitutionally mandated to probe into these serious unanswered questions.

Annelizé van Wyk
UDM Member of Parliament
082 - 557 4184

Cape Town
23 August 2001