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The advertisement by Tony Yengeni has only raised more questions than answers. It is filled with half-truths and obfuscation, leaving the most obvious and pressing questions surrounding his luxury vehicles unanswered. Such as the fact that EADS is not mentioned in the advertisement, although Daimler Chrysler Aerospace is now part of it, and did get a lucrative arms contract. He still does not explain why he bought a vehicle from an arms dealer, or why it was not declared to Parliament.

Three areas of concern remain.
1. Where is the documented evidence of his vehicle acquisitions?
2. Who paid for this advertisement?
3. What is the motivation behind the timing of the advertisement?

This last aspect is of particular concern, since it creates the impression that Mr Yengeni was preparing to defend himself against possible implication in the arms deal hearing which resumed today, with the evidence of Minister Lekota. It is perhaps significant that the hearings were postponed after the short testimony of the Minister of Defence. The Minister claims that government was not involved in the awarding of subcontracts, in spite of documentary proof published in the media of Chief of Arms Acquisitions, Chippy Shaik, advising a prime contractor to make use of a specific sub-contractor. Is this a question of government trying to distance itself from subcontracts, because they are aware that corruption occurred, such as the allegations regarding Yengeni and EADS?

The UDM is disgusted by the contempt Mr Yengeni has shown for Parliament. Firstly he has communicated via the media, whilst refusing Parliament's Ethics Committee answers. Secondly his advertisement tries to create the impression that Parliament approved the exorbitant spending on arms, when in fact it approved the Defence Review that placed a ceiling on Defence expenditure over the medium term. Parliament's express recommendations on arms spending were ignored.

The UDM is convinced that the arms deal investigation is faltering. We can draw no other conclusion considering the evidence piling up in the media against various high-placed government officials, whilst the public hearings continue to be a damp squib. The UDM calls on the ANC against the above-mentioned background to suspend Mr Yengeni until there is clarity about his vehicles. He cannot continue his work as Chief Whip of the Majority Party, whilst undermining the structures of Parliament, until such clarity has been gained.

Bantu Holomisa, MP
UDM President

17 July 2001.

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