I read with interest the above-mentioned article in today’s Mail and Guardian (19 January 2001) which also alleges a summersault by the Auditor General on the Heath Special Investigation Unit (Heath SIU).

In July 1997 when I published my booklet called "Comrades in Corruption", I said the following about the ANC leaders:

"In the light of these nauseating exposes and financial scams, the ANC leadership should bow their heads in shame and are the last to muster courage and point dirty fingers at others accusing them of corruption. It is high time that the nation becomes more vigilant regarding the role played by the spouses, immediate families and friends of the ANC elite and dubious consultants. One need not to be a genius to realise that the parties referred to above have a propensity of becoming either conduit pipes "economic Trojan Horses" for the benefit of the elite.

If this looting spree cannot be stopped in its incipient stages, I fear that by 1999 more billions or trillions would have gone down the drain. This is indeed a contradiction of what is contained in the 1994 ANC election manifesto. The question many are asking is: What is the difference between ANC leadership and NP and its homeland leaders who were dubbed by the ANC as bunch of corrupt leaders? Remember the old German saying - "the troughs have changed, however the pigs have remained the same".

It is no small wonder that we read in daily newspapers and weekly papers of the boundless graft in the provincial and national governments under ANC leadership. Billions of rands have gone down the drain and they cannot be accounted for. The good example is the ±R2 billion spent on consultants, yet the administration situation continues to deteriorate every year. The question is, do the ANC leaders in government really engage consultants, or are there some bogus consultants to whom funds are paid and in turn channelled back to the coffers of the organisation or to themselves? Are bodies like Thebe, an ANC investment arm, getting government contracts and NGOs associated with the ANC also taking part in this looting spree?

The Commissions of Inquiry, like the Heath Commission, should not only concentrate on the corruption that took place under Matanzima, Holomisa and other leaders, but should immediately attend to the cesspool of corruption that has been taking place under the ANC Government since 1994. The massive retrenchment of experienced civil servants has given rise to a fertile ground for the spreading of corrupt practices as MECs and National Ministers appoint their DGs and staff, a duty which should be performed by an independent Public Service Commission. "

The time has come for Parliament to instruct President Mbeki to institute an Independent Judicial Commission of Inquiry. It is disturbing to learn that the Auditor General has changed his position on the Heath SIU. In order to have a credible investigation let Parliament have a shortlist of judges and personnel to investigate this arms scandal. Parliament should draft terms of reference for this investigation. We cannot allow the present cabinet to investigate itself where the Deputy President and other senior ministers are implicated.

Such terms of reference should be wide enough to also include the investigation of these ANC associated companies which have caused an embarrassment to the third cellular licence allocation, because other bidders are challenging the involvement of some of the ANC heavy weights with their arms dirty monies.

The said commission should also investigate why there was no action taken regarding the fraud case involving more the R3 million reported in August 1999 to four authorities i.e. South African National Defence Force (SANDF), Heath SIU and Armscor. Surely the Constitutional Court then, still recognised Judge Heath as a head of his unit. Why did President Mbeki not sign the proclamation form the Heath SIU. Again the African Defence Systems (ADS) alleged involvement in fraud was reported, but not investigated.

Attached herewith is a breakdown of the items and prices which involves the alleged ADS fraud case.