Letter to President Mbeki re
 Collapse of infrastructure in Mpumalanga
 by Bantu Holomisa - UDM President (10/10/2000)

Mr Thabo Mbeki - President of South Africa
Union Buildings

Dear Sir


Your attention is drawn to the deplorable state of the infra structure in Mpumalanga Province as a result of floods early this year.

Government allocated millions of rands of taxpayer money to repair damage caused by the floods and ease the suffering of the people in the province. To date roads have not been attended to, and as a result they are virtually impassable in some areas. Water supply has been disrupted so that people have no access to clean water. This aggravates the already intolerable health conditions of the people of this province.

It is a matter of grave concern that the government of the province is insensitive to the plight of the people over whom they govern. Large sums of money are wasted on building new legislatures and other luxuries while basic services to the people are ignored. I appeal to your office to intervene because the province, with its track record, is not in a position to address this serious situation.

Under normal circumstances and in countries where the government places a premium on combating Corruption, the Mpumalanga Administration should long have been removed and replaced by a competent Administrator because of the extent of corruption in that Province. We are now familiar with your government’s tendency to sweep corruption scandals under the carpet when they involve party stalwarts who are accustomed to preferential treatment.It is now imperative that you put the interests of the suffering poorest of the poor above those of the party, by attending to the woes of the people of Mpumalanga as a matter of urgency, especially in Ka-Bokweni Township.

Yours Sincerely

B Holomisa
President: United Democratic Movement
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