Open letter to the Dean of Student Affairs, UNITRA 
REFUSAL TO REGISTER UDESMO AT UNITRA by Bantu Holomisa, MP - UDM President (09/10/2000)

The Dean of Student Affairs
University of Transkei

Dear Sir


It has come to our attention that you and the Unitra SRC have barred UDESMO from registering on the Unitra campus on the spurious ground that this organization does not meet the requirement that the association must be national in character in order to be registered.

I submit to you that UDM works with UDESMO. This student body exists nationally and is registered in other campuses in the country. It is not clear to us what criteria you use to determine the national status of an organization.

This information has been conveyed to us by Unitra chairperson of UDESMO Mr K Menye. We urge you to confirm this report and give reasons for your decision so that it can be resolved as soon as possible to enable UDESMO to participate in campus activities without delay.

I must inform you that UDESMO is active in other institutions and has been represented in Student Structures such as the SRC as early as 1999. It is inconceivable that this organization can be barred from registration on the grounds stated above.

I assure you that any attempt by your office and the SRC to muzzle and gag UDESMO in contravention of the National Constitution and government policy which guarantee freedom of association, will be vigorously challenged in all the courts of the land.

Yours sincerely
B Holomisa
President: United Democratic Movement
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