In 1976 the Youth of South Africa experienced a tragic event, which is now part of our heritage. The then government implemented discriminatory racial policies like Bantu Education forcing learners to speak Afrikaans and the Group Areas Act, and this old system and the ideology of white superiority, caused an emotional outburst, which led to the 1976 Massacre.

The UDMY makes an earnest appeal to all our young men and women, and our entire society, to leave the past in the past; let us unite and build our liberated society together.  We, as South Africans, must commit ourselves to co-operative government.  Our population statistics show that the Youth represent a large section of our society. Youth development; job creation; empowerment and capacity building is crucial to South Africa's success, it is the responsibility of Government to devote time and money to our Youth. Government should invest the future leaders of South Africa.

The UDMY would like to remind our people that former President Mandela appointed the National Youth Commission (NYC), Act 19 of 1996, as a statutory body. The NYC must deal with, amongst others, development and empowerment of the Youth of South Afirca.  The legacy of past imbalances should be redressed through the National Youth Policy (NYP). The NYP must truly empower the Youth of our country and allow them to realise their full potential through optimal access to economic, political and social resources.

The UDMY believes that the Commission can only effectively deliver on the NYP proposals if it;
implements and maintain a proper communication system with all youth foundations and movements;
commits to extensive and exhaustive consultation with all role-players, before implementation of any decisions;
gives equal and unequivocal recognition to the Youth bodies of all political parties;
institutes a proper consultation operational system and
publicises regular reports and audits of the affairs of the Commission to ensure transparency and accountability.

The aforesaid measures will improve South Africa's standards and elevate us among the countries of the developed and developing world.

The UDMY strongly urges all spheres of Government to review the current state of affairs in South Africa, with a view to vigorously reducing the crime rate and the poverty in this country.

UDMY will join the masses to commemorate the unforgettable day and our National Leaders will be deployed as follow:
1. Meyisi Booi (Acting National Youth President) will be addressing the Youth Rally and a workshop on the 17 June 2000 in Northwest Province.
2. Luzuko Luwaca (National Youth Secretary General) will be addressing the Rally in Gauteng
3. Khangelani Dumani (National Youth Organiser) is deployed in Mpumalanga to address a Youth Rally
4. Vusi Skhosana (National Youth Deputy-Organiser) attended the HIV/AIDS Indaba Workshop as declared by the National Youth Commission on the 16 June 2000 that was held on 13 and 14 June 2000 in Kwa-Zulu Natal.

Luzuko Luwaca
National Youth Secretary General

15 June 2000