This week marks the UDM’s first anniversary in the Eastern Cape Legislature as the official opposition in the provincial government. We would like to extend a vote of thanks to all our supporters, past and present, even the those who have left the Party for whatever reason, have contributed in one way or the other, to its success.
The UDM is proud to declare that it has achieved its immediate goal in the Eastern Cape, by becoming the official opposition, with no less than nine (9) members in the Eastern Cape Legislature and one (1) in the National Council of Provinces (NCOP). This was achieved, despite the ANC’s attempt to eliminate opposition by denying the UDM state funds for fighting elections. This blatant display of arrogance on the part of the ruling party is a clear indication of its determination to ignore any other party, especially White driven parties. The ANC therefore attempted to eliminate the UDM as the only real threat to their devastating reign of corruption and incompetence.
The UDM had many successes during the past year, least of which is the transformation of constituency offices into centres of actual service delivery. The Party is also proud to be known to the public, as well as the ANC, as a party of solutions and not only problems. realising full well our chief function, as the ever-watchful eye of opposition. We are constantly striving to find solutions to problems and to facilitate a system of government that will benefit South African society in its entirety and diversity and not to substitute the “old White elite” with a “new Black elite”, leaving the masses to their own devices. In this regard the UDM is committed to proportionate representations that can clearly be seen in the race ratios of our parliamentarians.
Apart from our successes, the UDM also went through a period of intensive learning, during the past year. Learning from public opinion, learning from its constituency and power base and also learning front the mistakes of other parties. The UDM is committed to consultative governance with due regard and respect for different opinions, reflecting the diversity of our nation.
The UDM salutes those visionaries who supported the Party with the will and the ability to bring about true democracy. Your vision and optimism for the future will be needed in the forthcoming local government elections. We need true visionaries in our municipalities and soon to be formed Metropolitan Councils.
We would also want to bring the following under the attention of the public that our recess starts on 26 June 2000 until the 14 July 2000 (subject to change) when we will be personally involved in community work.

Christian Martin, MPL
UDM Member of the Eastern Cape Provincial Legislature
13 June 2000