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Joint Public meeting in Bloemfontein


Statement issued by the UDM and the FEDERAL ALLIANCE

 The UDM and the Federal Alliance are convinced that a realignment and restructuring of the political landscape must happen to secure a political alternative for South Africa. Both the UDM and the Federal Alliance are committed to this ideal.

 To bring the above to fruition it is necessary to inform the general public of the purpose of the Parliamentary working agreement. The UDM and the Federal Alliance will therefore start with joint public information meetings which will be addressed by the leaders of these two parties.

Bantu Holomisa     President of the UDM

Louis Luyt             Leader of the Federal Alliance

Roelf Meyer          Deputy President of the UDM


The first of these public information meetings will be held in Bloemfontein on the 22nd of November 1999 in the Free State  Agricultural Hall, Agriculture Centre, 98 Zastron Str, Bloemfontein at  19:00. 


It is expected that the leaders of both the UDM and the Federal Alliance will inform the public as to the stance of party politics in general, as well as to expand on their vision of the political realignment necessary to transform the opposition scene in South Africa. This will be the first time, after the general election, opposition parties share the same stage in a political meeting.


17 November 1999

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