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As the opposition in the province, the United Democratic Movement (UDM) wants to remind the Government that the state as a social responsibility to look after the welfare of its citizens, especially the elderly. The UDM sympathizes with the Government for inherited and unreliable and inaccurate welfare database form the previous government, but we also want to remind them that this cliché is becoming lame for they are the previous government.

You don't have to be Nostradamus to predict that this "good" venture will collapse if the necessary mechanisms are no put into place. The million rand that would be used is not the only concern of this party, but the 1000 pensioners that  will not get their pensions. We recommend that the different departments like Home Affairs and Welfare, work together to make this venture a success.

We also want to know from the MEC if there is a mechanism in place to help the pensioners in the rural areas to get their green, bar-coded IDs since the immediate office of Home Affairs' offices are in the cities? The Department must also realise that there are bedridden pensioners and some of those who are almost 100 years old. We would like to know how they are going to help them? We would recommend that the Department must do the re-registration in two phases. Phase one, due date on green, bar-coded IDs and all relevant documents. Phase two, re-registration. The UDM wants all political parties, churches and NGOs to inform the people about the re-registration.

To build half a bridge as a memory of the past (before 1994) means a lot to the people, but to want to cross the past with this bridge will mean chaos to the people. A bridge must be anchored firmly on both sides to prevent chaos (Referring to re-registration).

Christian Martin
UDM Eastern Cape: Provincial Spokesperson for Welfare

03 November 1999

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