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It is sad that the UDM once more has to express its utter disgust at the latest outbreak of gang war in Manenberg and Elsies Rivier. With two people dead and eight injured it is serious enough. Now the eight-year-old Edwardo Simonds has also been wounded in the war - a line must be drawn.

It is shocking that the media can report about the war as if the police and authorities are sitting on the touch line watching it. The arrest of a local policeman in Elsies River for alleged involvement make one wonder if the situation is regarded as serious at all.

As a resident of Elsies River, I am convinced that our people has seen enough politicians  embarking on road shows out of sympathy or concern - now is the time for action. The public has heard once too often that gang units are being formed or that more defence force members are being deployed in theses areas. When will the master brains behind this war be apprehended? I intend to ask this question personally to the provincial police commissioner and will request and urgent meeting with him.

The UDM calls on the provincial and national governments to regard the mere existence of gangs a national crisis. Not only are they responsible for the loss of life, but the actions of a few hooligans destroy the economic social living space of peace-loving Capetonians.

The UDM furthermore calls on the authorities to stop playing around with politically correct phrases and to embark on an operation clean up.

Mr Archie Lewis, MPL
UDM Western Cape Provincial Chairperson

03 November 1999

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