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At a meeting of the National Management Committee and Public Representatives of the UDM, held in Cape Town 12 October 1999, it was resolved that:
Now that the elections are over the process of building and strengthening the Party, must continue with renewed vigour.

For this purpose it was decided that structures be set up to facilitate this objective. These are:

  • Political Education Committee to empower UDM members politically.

  • Constitutional Review Committee to deal with relevant constitutional matters.

  • Resource Committee to take responsibility for building the Party’s resources.

  • It was further resolved that a committee be formed to steer the process of political re-alignment which the Party has begun.

In a separate meeting the National Management Committee resolved as follows:

In pursuit of the objectives of building the Party the positions of National Secretary and National Organiser not be manned by parliamentary representatives, but by elected UDM members who can devote full-time attention to the building of the Party.
Accordingly Rev Kingsley Masemola, the incumbent National Organiser and who is the Leader of the Opposition in Northern Province Legislature and Ms Annelizé van Wyk the current Acting National Secretary and member of the National Assembly will be relieved of these duties.
A Special National Council wil be convened as soon as possible to elect a National Secretary and a National Organiser for the Party.
The NMC further re-affirmed the policy of the Party that political posts in both national- and provincial structures remain non-remunerative until resources permit otherwise.
The Presidential Enquiry into Xolani Mbutho’s actions and subsequent resignation, reported its findings that Mr. Mbutho resigned from the UDM when he was summoned to appear before the Disciplinary Committee to explain his conduct in respect of a document he authored in violation of the Party’s Disciplinary Code.

  • The enquiry further reported that the rest of Youth Executive disowned the document in question and stated that Xolani was the sole author of the document.

  • The same enquiry cleared Mr Golden Miles Bhudu of any involvement in the preparation of this document, as there is no evidence linking him to it.

All other matters related to parliamentary activities have been left to UDM Parliamentary Caucus.

Bantu Holomisa, MP
UDM: President

13 October 1999

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