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“Flood of UDM resignations likely”


The report by Pule Molebedi in Business Day of 14/09/99, which claims that Jabulani Zondi was assaulted in full view of party President Bantu Holomisa, is totally untrue and smacks of mischievous reporting in pursuit of a political agenda.

At no time was the president of the UDM present during the reported incident. It took place two hours before he arrived at the venue of the meeting. He was informed of it on his arrival and took the necessary steps as party leader to bring about reconciliation. The matter was resolved together with other issues of concern at the conference.

The differences in the UDM in KwaZulu Natal, that are subject of Molebeledi’s report have been dealt with in the conference and constitute normal internal party business which is not the subject of a news report. Those problems are now history, but the report blows them out of proportion. Molebeledi’s report is to a large measure irresponsible and sensational. He should retract statements he has made without first checking their accuracy.

Reference has also been made to Dr Mzimela’s election to the newly formed interim committee in KwaZulu Natal. The composition of the interim committee is an entirely internal matter of the UDM. It’s hardly news worthy material for dissemination in the Business Day. Xolani Mbutho, who seems to be the source of this gossip, was a UDM member who defected to the IFP. It cannot be his new political party’s brief to concern himself with UDM affairs, the IFP would be well advised to restrain him from meddling in other parties’ business because this could damage the otherwise good relations we have with the IFP.

He seems to be keeping an unsolicited link with the UDM. He would be advised to make a clean break and focus his attention on his present affiliation.

The reported flood of likely resignations is a gross misrepresentation of facts and is indicative of malicious reporting which is based more on sentiment than facts. We just hope Xolani gets the much-desired Youth Commissionership position in KwaZulu Natal.

 Malizole Diko
UDM National Spokesperson

14 September 1999

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