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The current massive material kick-backs alleged by ANCís own members to have been funnelled to several serving and former ANC MPs for facilitating lucrative business deals to certain arms manufacturers, is proof to the long held perception that government harboured a carefully organised ring of comrades in corruption.

This revelation is a dark cloud on the horizon of our new democracy and threatens to blot out all the good that has been achieved and applauded as a beacon of hope for the rest of Africa.

Rumours of corruption have abounded for as early as 1997 when allegations of a R100 million Government pay-off to an arms dealer connected to Saudi Arabia were made. Government have not explained that serious allegation to date. The current allegations are all the more serious, because of the Governmentís failure, by its own admission, to deliver on its widely publicised election promises in 1994.

In recent months, the Government has undertaken to accelerate several empowerment agencies and privatisation of state-owned corporations in a system carefully designed to enrich certain individuals within the ruling party and Government, without regard for the legitimate needs of the historically disadvantaged communities.

There have been reports of kick-backs in the forms of spruce and pricey 4x4 jeeps to certain senior party and government officials. Rumours of graft and nepotism abound in the corridors. Let us speak out now and root out this scourge before it afflicts the whole fabric of our society.

The UDM calls on the government to immediately institute forensic auditing of the accounts of ANC public representativesí alleged to be involved in this saga This presents an opportune moment to test the commitment of the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutors to eradicate organised crime in our society. This is an opportune moment for the implementation of the provision of the recently passed bill with regard to proceeds of organised crime.

An independent judicial commission must be instituted without delay, with representation from all political parties in parliament to investigate.

  • Who has benefited from these shady deals?

  • How much the ANC has benefited from them?

  • Make available to Parliament all agreements for public security.

  • Parliamentarians and government officials affected, be suspended with immediate effect.

Masilo Mabeta, MP
Defence Spokesperson, UDM

09 September 1999

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