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 The leaders of the UDM and the FA have, over the past weeks, discussed the way forward particularly on the question of realigning the political landscape in South Africa.

Both parties are committed towards advancing the best interests of the country in regard to the establishment of multi-party democracy and finding solutions for the country’s burning issues, such as job creation, crime prevention and social upliftment. Both parties are convinced that the economic and social transformation of South Africa urgently requires priority attention to sustain the political transformation.

It was resolved to establish a working relationship at parliamentary level. This will entail a common approach towards parliamentary matters. Joint caucus meetings will be held, when necessary.

It is both parties’ view that it is far more important to seek common ground on matters of national interest and to advance positions and solutions on a joint basis. The approach will contribute to the realignment and the restructuring of the political landscape. It is therefore also the intention of the two parties to proceed with talks with political parties, politicians and non-political groupings in order to give momentum to the realignment of politics in South Africa.

This co-operation does not affect the independence of the two parties in terms of policy and organisation at national or provincial level. The parties are of the considered opinion that the mere ganging up of opposition parties will not serve the best interests of the country and will not contribute to realign the politics of South Africa.

Bantu Holomisa
UDM President

12 August 1999

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